Villaz Pentelis


40 years ago, Georgios Makris created a model geriatric department within the unit
that specializes in the needs and problems of the elderly.

Additional Services

Every person is unique, with his own needs and preferences.
That is why we are discussing with each future assailant and his / her family and assessing whether it exists
the need for support in areas such as:

  • Atomic hygiene
  • Clothing
  • Make a bath
  • Food Delivery Help
  • Security Tracking
  • At the same time, we are able to tailor our services so that we can respond to individual wishes of our tenants.

Health and Exercise

Daily mild exercise, social and recreational activities.

Medical tracking by specialist doctors in the unit with innovative and high-tech equipment.

24-hour care by qualified nursing staff.
Monitoring and administering medication.
Collaboration with external doctors.