Villaz Pentelis

Elderly Care Unit in Penteli

The Villaz Pentelis Residential Care Unit is located at the foot of the Penteli Mountain near the Penteli Monastery , in an enchanting pine-tree green environment.

It is only a few kilometers from the center of the city, in an area where the climate has long been known for its healing properties, at an appropriate altitude, healthy all year round, especially for elderly people.

The area is accessible by public transport and the unit has large and convenient parking . Our entire building was designed and built to accommodate only a care unit for the elderly.

Building completeness combined with state-of-the-art technology ensures the feeling of warm and optimism through a joyful and comfortable stay

Apart from the technological and comfort facilities offered by our unit, we have an excellent scientific and service staff guaranteeing an excellent stay and recovery.

We give special importance to Medical and Nursing Support hosting services. Our main priority is to make our guests feel safe and enjoy hotel-level services, medical and nursing care of the highest scientific level.

Our goal is to restore psychosomatic health , especially to the elderly, whether they are recovering or needing rest or just looking for a quiet home with secure service and medical care at any time.