Care Center

Villaz Care Unit

Supported Living Area

Our unit is aimed at people who want a quality of life with the help provided by specialized staff.

We take care of maintaining good health with Medical and Nursing staff.
We offer assistance in practical matters (such as assistance with feeding, walking) to ensure daily safety.
Every tenant has the freedom of choice for their daily activities having the maximum possible support.

The comfortable space and the functionality of the building, the interest and the sense of responsibility of the partners, as well as the use of the technology make us can guarantee a high level of services.

Personal Care Area

with Alzheimer

Alzheimer’s disease is a chronic degenerative disease of the brain and is the most common cause of dementia.

Its main clinical manifestation is memory impairment , but other brain functions also affect the patient’s social life. In addition to the gradual loss of memory, the patient has difficulty in computing, in speech (he does not find the right word), in the lack of orientation, in performing daily activities, resulting in mental disorders, anxiety and aggression.

In our unit we have formed spaces and we work with scientists to provide strong assistance with sustained mental alertness, physical exercise and balanced nutrition, taking the burden of patient care from the most costly illness in society.

Personal Care Area

with Senile Dementia

Dementia is a severe loss of the person’s general mental capacity.

It may be stagnant as a result of a single brain injury or progressive, resulting in a long-term reduction in the mind caused by damage or disease of the body. Dementia is not a simple illness but a general syndrome. The cognitive areas affected are memory, attention, speech and problem solving.

Our unit provides our patients with cognitive programs to maintain mental capacities and psychological support from qualified scientists.

Our goal is to offer the full psychosocial support that our patients need.

People with Stroke Incidents

Stroke is the damage caused when the blood supply to a brain area abruptly breaks down, thus breaking vital connections between the brain and the muscles, resulting in functionality and movement.

The combination of physiotherapy under psychological and physical guidance leads to the gradual restoration of movement and brain function of the patient.

Sophisticated rehabilitation programs by specialists combined with recreational events designed by specialized psychotherapists offer the patient the rejuvenation and rehabilitation he needs.

People with Depression

Depression is one of the broadest categories of emotional disturbances and moods.

The lack of a clear definition is the reason for many misconceptions. Loss of loved ones, labor shortages and possibly motor problems affect the imaginary and cognitive behavior of the elderly.

At our center, special associates are constantly working individually with each guest organizing mental uplift programs to combat depression and provide mental well-being.

with Hip Fractures

Hip fractures also known as hip fractures or upper femoral fractures. This is a huge medical and social problem for elderly people with uncontrolled dimensions.

Rapid recovery of the patient in upright position and walking is a primary goal in our unit.

The hip fracture team we have created addresses the incidents so that the patient is upright again, avoiding serious respiratory, cardiological and other complications.

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation is done by an experienced team and the progression is supervised weekly by doctors.

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