Villaz Pentelis

Elderly Care Unit

The VILLAZ Pentelis Elderly Care Unit is located at the foot of the Penteli mountains, near the Penteli Monastery, in a magical green environment that we lack from today, in a climate known for its healing properties, healthy, for all seasons of the time, at a suitable altitude, especially for some people.

The Elderly Care Unit VILLAZ Pentelis was created 40 years ago and has been operating ever since.

With a vision of creating an oasis that is a few kilometers away from the stress and frenzy of the city, he chose Penteli’s famed for the climate (now known as the sanatorium) and created a place that offers warmth.

Penteli has long been known for its good climate and was known as a sanatorium. The site was chosen for that very reason.
A few kilometers away from the stress and frenzy of the city, we wanted to create an oasis for people who needed rest and care.

In the 40 years of operation our center has become known for its excellent medical services, for the warmth and warmth that embraces its guests.




Pathologist - Gerontologist

MD Makris Nikolaos

Nikolaos Makris continuing on
family tradition studied

In 2006 he worked at the 424 General Military Hospital of Thessaloniki and in 2007 at the 496 Military Hospital of Didymoticho and the 401 Military Hospital of Athens. He continued his specialization at the General Hospital of Molai and Sparta. Along with his Medical Studies and Specialization he scientifically supported the unit. He attends all the conferences and scientific conferences on developments in the pathology of gerontology and psychiatry.

Collaborating Doctors

  • Alexakis Theodoros: Neurologist
  • Mylonas Georgios: Gastroenterologist
  • Amariotis Antonis: Dentist
  • Xilargas Dimitrios: Psychologist
  • Lambrosi Dimitra: Speech Therapist
  • Georgiadis Georgios: Physiotherapist

Villaz Pentelis

Top Nursing & Medical Services

Care Center

Care & Amp; Psychomotor Support for People with Gerontous Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, Stroke, Depression, Hip Fractures...



The center is staffed by a dedicated team dedicated to the service of its occupants. The team is led by the supervising physician, the hospitality director and the nurse.



The Villaz Pentelis provides Medical and
Personalized Services: